Design Pattern is the most important part to make my game project success. I recommend this book "Game Programming Patterns" by Robert Nystrom. I have read this book twice in both English and Chinese version. This book has help me a lot on create the base architecture of the software, even both games and software development. But it's only has simplified Chinese version so I have translate it to Traditional Chinese and fixed some python issues to share it to Taiwan and Hong Kong people.

If you guys are like it, please buy the original book to support the author.

Here is the link, please feel free to share it.

Read online (Traditional Chinese):
遊戲編程模式 Game Programming Patterns (

Github (Traditional Chinese):
kahongchan/Game-Programming-Patterns-TC: 《遊戲編程模式》繁體中文版 (

Original link:
Game Programming Patterns